Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hey everyone,
How to Ruin Everything is a zine Ashley and I are starting. Each month a different person involved in the music community in some way will pick a list of songs (60 minutes worth of music) that are important to them for whatever reason and write a short blurb about each song and why they chose it. Each month there will be 25 hard copies of the zine for sale ($2-$3 donations depending on costs) with a hand numbered copy of a mix tape comprised of the songs that that person chose. After the first 25 copies the tape will not be included. We will also be posting each issue in this blog as well. So far every person contributing to this project are individuals that I feel represent everything punk and hardcore is and always was meant to be, they all live and breathe a DIY lifetsyle. We are aiming to have our first issue out around the start of March so keep an eye out for more info to follow. If anyone has any requests or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us!


Fountain-Records said...

you're ruining everything!

b. said...


shaun said...

I don't live and breathe hardcore/punk but i have 60minutes worth of music I can talk about, cause I'm a real sucker. Good idea guys!

I REFUSE said...